Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Welcome Grade 8's!

Hi Grade 8's welcome to my blog!

The launching of this blog demonstrates my commitment to technology and trying new things in teaching... even if I'm almost at the end of my teaching career!

Speaking of innovation and creativity... There was newscast on CBC Radio this morning about an innovative Saskatchewan inventer who created the first inexpensive "most affordable" 3D printer/scanner that will sell for only $100.

From CBC....

World's Cheapest 3D printer invented in Yorkton

Bringing 3D printing to the masses. We spoke to  Rylan Grayston, the man who has figured out a way to make 3D printers on the cheap. He already has thousands of people lined up to buy them.

Here's the newscast for you to listen to...

Listen to the newscast... and answer the questions.

Listening Questions...

1. Where did his idea come from?

2. Why did he need $50,000?

3. Was he a "techy guy by nature"?

4. What did he do when he was a baby to demonstrate his "techy nature"

5. How did he find a way to bring the cost down?

6. How does Rylan use asking questions to help him see things in different ways?

7. How does a 3 D printer work? Give 3 points that Rylan describes.

8. Why has the idea caught on?

9.  Where was Rylan from?

Discussion and Reflection Questions

10. What characteristics do inventers possess?

11. How did Rylan show a disposition of being an inventer?

12. How can 3-D printing be applied to people in their everyday lives?

13. Who would benefit from 3-D printing? Explain how they could benefit.

14. What could potentially be a problem with 3-D printing? Any moral or ethical issues?

15. Write 3 questions you have about Rylan or 3D printing that are still left unanswered after listening to the interview.

More information on this project - go to this article from the LeaderPost...

Yorkton man's 3D printer project raises more than $360K on Kickstarter